Is She Really Worth It? (She’s The One If…)

Is She Really Worth It?

Signs She’s a Good Woman for YOU…

There are general signs she’s a good woman that any woman should have, but if you’ve asked yourself, “Is she really worth it?” you need to ask yourself some key questions…

Let’s start with the basics.

Some General Signs She’s a Good Woman

She’s a Good Woman if She…

  1. Is honest but kind even when it doesn’t serve her. #integrity
  2. Is genuine, what you see is what you get; no bait and switch.
  3. Practices self-care but isn’t selfish.
  4. Is confident but not arrogant.
  5. Is compassionate but not a push-over.
  6. Has her own life and doesn’t rely on you to entertain her.
  7. Takes care of her health (body and soul).
  8. Has her own opinions but disagrees respectfully.
  9. Is open to commitment with the right man not just any man.
  10. Respects your close relationships and questions them only if those relationships are unhealthy for you.
  11. Is interesting and challenging but not confrontational.
  12. Is consistent not chaotic.
  13. Can regulate her emotions to avoid irrational conflict but doesn’t ignore issues or manipulate to get her way.
  14. Is curious and genuinely cares about your thoughts and feelings. #AsksQs
  15. Has standards and thoughtfully communicates them without judgement.
  16. Reaches out / initiates as much as you do and encourages connection.
  17. Makes as much an effort in the relationship as you do.
  18. Encourages you to follow you passions!
  19. Builds you up; is your biggest cheerleader.
  20. Has a good relationship with her parents and siblings, if any.

These are some of the basics.

There are many more. I may do a video on this you can share it far and wide to help good-hearted women find their way back to their Goddess selves.

Now, let’s look at your relationship with her specifically.

She’s a Good Woman FOR YOU If…

  1. Her values and belief systems align with yours.
  2. Your long term goals align.
  3. She makes room to prioritize you and your relationship.
  4. You are never compared in a negative light to any of her exes or her father or…
  5. She only compares your good qualities to those of her dad who she has/had a good relationship with but emphasizes you’re even better.
  6. She brings value to the relationship not just good looks or great sex.
  7. Expresses love and appreciation in the way you need it. #5LoveLanguages
  8. You have fun and laugh a lot together even if you’re not doing much of anything.
  9. You have comfortable silences and are content doing nothing together.
  10. She thinks your so-called flaws are cute and quirky.

Bonus point: She wants you and only you and makes sure you know it without using jealousy or head games.

5 Signs She Might be “The One”

  1. Introducing her to your friends and family feels natural and requires no caveat disclosures.
  2. You consciously or unconsciously imagine each other in your future together.
  3. The more time you spend with her outside the bedroom the more you genuinely like her as a person.
  4. You notice other woman but don’t seriously wish you were single so you could pursue them.
  5. She brings out the best in you but not with demands but because she makes no such demands thus inspiring you to be a better man because you want to.

In essence, life just feels better with her by your side. You feel stronger together, like you can take on the world — or at least take on the day.

You know you don’t need her to survive but you want her and — if you are truly whole and ok on your own — can’t imagine anyone else taking her place.

Remember, no one is perfect. We all have bad days. 

Relationships require effort and compassion and forgiveness. 

Sorry’s don’t cut it. The best proof of effort is changed behaviour. This applies to you, as well.

So if she genuinely makes an effort in the relationship and she has most of these qualities, then she’s a good woman and she just might be worth it.

There are a rare few of these women in the world, so if you want a chance with one of them, invest in my WakeUP2Luv program so you can find, attract and keep a Keeper!

WakeUP2Luv program details here.

xo AJ

Is She Really Worth It / Is She “The One” video here.

50 First Dates—First Date #1: The G Man

Project 50 First Dates — AJ: Master Dater

Several years ago, obviously when I was still “on the market” and single, I embarked on a 50 First Dates project.

I thought I’d go back to my first official date for the social study and share the findings in story time format.

Yes, I did tell him the what’s-what and he agreed to meet me, anyway.

Dating Site:

Age: mid-50s
Kids: two; grown & gone
Work: government; upper management

We’d agreed to meet at a lounge-y—uh, well—lounge near my residence at the time.

It was raining.

I walked over to the venue only a few blocks away as the rain squished the traffic exhaust fumes into the greasy pavement.

The air was fresh, refreshing.

It was a Thursday at 5:00pm, so the venue was almost empty when I arrived and my date was easy to spot at the bar.

He stood as I walked toward him while shaking out my umbrella. He stuck out his hand to shake mine, but I swooped in for a hug instead. I’m a hugger.

“Oh, look how handsome you are!” I said. “This is a nice surprise. Not that your photos weren’t good, but you know.”

Just the Tip Mid-Story Takeaway:

So many people on dating sites/app post misleading photos! Knock it off!

Back to the 50 First Dates Story…

It was too dark to see if he blushed, but he looked down and away while trying to refrain from smiling at the unexpected compliment.

I quickly learned this was his auto response to compliments, which was endearing.

Humble: Check.

After the host took us to our table, I slid into the booth seat (facing the venue) while he sat in the chair opposite me (with his back to the venue).

Seating arrangements are significant. Details to follow.

Meanwhile, the chair he sat on sank under his weight and then sat with his head level much below mine.

“Let’s switch sides,” I offered and he accepted.

Both our actions are significant. Details soon, I promise.

I’ll skip the specifics—we were together three hours—but will point out the important stuff that you care about—or should if you want to be successful in love.

I had one glass of wine. He had three beers. (Three hours, remember.)

We shared a charcuterie (fancy name for: cheeses, meats and accompaniments). We chatted.

He told me “his story” (sorry, confidential), but it wasn’t unlike many I’d heard, maybe even yours, including “looking for the right one.” (Significant.)

“My story” included how I’d taken a relationship sabbatical but was ready to date again, though with a disclaimer: “The next guy to bed this gal, weds this gal—I’m not interested in casual sex.” (This gets a hesitant chuckle and a raised eyebrow.)

I changed topic: “What would you do if you won $10,000,000?” (Significant.)

He replied immediately, snapping his fingers for emphasis: “I’d quit my job and travel.” (I raised my eyebrow.)

At the finish of the evening, he offered to walk me home, but I declined—significant—so we hugged and I told him I had a good time and would like to see him again.

Which was my bad. Why? Because … I regretted it as soon as I said it.

I did enjoy his company, but.


I did not want to kiss him, and he was my first real fake date, after all.

I had another 49 fellas to date, and at that time, I was willing to set aside exactly three hours a week for a Plus One.

Most men that are looking for long-term love want a bit more than a few hours a week with a “no texting—I loathe texting” condition attached, and since I’m not casual sex gal … well, I shouldn’t have said I’d like to see him again.

(Even though I was following my own dating rule: Don’t write off Mr. Potential Right just because you don’t want to get naked with him immediately.)

Significant 1st of 50 First Dates Takeaways:

  • Genuine modesty is attractive.
  • A woman feels more secure facing the crowd and men have fewer distractions (hot-ass servers, sports TVs, etc).
    • However, when the man is “below” her—physically—it takes away from his masculine confidence, in both the woman’s and man’s perceptions. Swap seats.
  • Booze: keep a level head.
    • Intoxication is not sexy. First impressions!
    • Ok, if you’re a (motor)biker, rocker or … nope, that’s it. If you’re a biker or rocker, drink whatever the F you want. But don’t get shit-hammered. Still not attractive.

Fellas: even though one per hour is within the legal limit for a lot of guys (people), best keep it to two to three maximum over the entire date. Maximum! Yes, you’re nervous. So is she. Deal with it. Sober.

  • If a gal tells you right off that her “clam” isn’t open for business without a commitment, believe her.
    • If you’re looking to settle down without settling you want a woman with respectable standards.
  • The 10 mil question is a classy way of finding out if the man must work and/or enjoys his work.
    • Relevance: If he hates his work, why’s he still doing it? Fear? Security? Lack of options? Lack of creativity? etc
    • The answer says a million different things about the person. Try it, you’ll see.
  • Walking (or driving) a gal home is a gentle way to tell if she wants more of your company and can be a signal from her as to whether or not you should attempt to kiss her.
    • As noted in my last blog, it’s ok to not kiss on the first date.
    • If there’s mutual interest, her lips will be there next time.
    • If not, you haven’t shared spit with a stranger.

In Summary

You may need to go on 50 first dates or 100. I ain’t gonna fib, online dating is work.

Online dating is like dumpster diving for diamonds. If you’re diligent, you might discover a gem amongst the rubbish.

In my next 50 First Dates update, I’ll let y’all in on why The G Man impressed me, which also happened to be what impressed me about my second first date with Slouching Stargazer.

Stay tuned!

xo AJ

In the meantime, consider signing up for my WakeUP2Luv program, it’ll help you become the kind of man who naturally wins the respect of women, peers and most importantly – himself.

Or start with the basics of online dating with my uber affordable Double Your Online Dating training.


Since my $10 million question maybe made you wonder if all women are money grubbing gold diggers…

Here’s a short playlist on understanding women’s nature aka #hypergamy to consider:

top 5 dating tips for men over 40

Rock Your First Date (Leave Her Wanting More!)

If you want to rock your first date and make her want another date with you, be unexpected.

When you stand out from the usual suspects (prospects) she’s dated in the past, you automatically intrigue her and pique her curiosity about you.

So how do you rock your first date and increase your chances of a second, third or fifteen date?

Let’s look at a few simple tips!

Feedback from my own and friend’s dating experiences as well as talking with many women.

Rock Your First Date Tips

Do ask her if it’s okay to order for her!

Obviously, we’re assuming you’re on a typical dinner date.

IF you know her from your social circle or have FaceTimed and know there’s mutual physical attraction, I do recommend the traditional dinner date.

As far as ordering for her, some ladies love this kind of chivalry, but others will find it chauvinistic.

If you met online and actually read her profile and chatted a bit before the date, you might already know if you’re on the same page with this.

If not, and if it’s a big deal(breaker), then filter better next time.

Either way, make sure you ask her if she has any food preferences or allergies.

No one likes a first date in the ER. (Though I do know of a couple that met this way!)

Don’t expect a kiss on the first date.

Even if she likes you, it’s not mandatory protocol to pucker up.

If you’re unsure, ask!


God, I really want to kiss you, Ashley.

Boldness, not arrogance or cockiness, is a reoccurring theme for how to rock your first date!

Depending on her age and values will determine if she expects a kiss (or more) on the first date.

Again, this is for those fine fellas who are looking for a keeper, not a one night deep relationship. 😉

However, if you’re attracted to her and assume she’s even potentially attracted to you…

You must at least let her know you want to kiss her; or if you missed your chance, you need to let her know after the fact you’d wanted to kiss her.


Ugh, I really wanted to kiss you, Ashley

She’ll let you know if you should have! And this will tell you if you should kiss her much earlier in your next date!

No sexual tension = friend zone.

Do give her a warm hug after a first date if you liked her.

But ask first!

With the #metoo movement and the pandemic, the world has changed and any physical contact must be consensual.

If she’s good to go then… No teepee hugs. No granny pats.

Linger a bit if you’re hoping for more.

If she doesn’t pull away, she may be open to a kiss; if it’s not super obvious she wants to swap spit a chaste kiss on the cheek is usually safe.

And if she says no, cuts the hug off short or pulls away then abort mission stat!

The silver lining of The Great Pandemic of 2020 is that it isn’t deemed beta behaviour to ask before advancing physically.

Don’t lead her on if you don’t have a romantic interest or attraction to her!

Bad dog.

Reality land is that unless she looks substantially different than her photos or, if you’ve met before, from what she looked like last time you saw her, you’ll probably be attracted.

Men are more visual than women, believe it or not.

You may discover you’re not interested in a longer term relationship with her but wouldn’t mind a quick fling or friends with benefits situation.

Tell the truth. Trust she can handle it.

If she can’t, red flag and kettle bell buh-bye!

Do text her the night after the first date if you’re interested in seeing her again!

You don’t need to make plans right away!

It’s ok to give her some breathing room — always leave them wanting more — but do text her after.


I had a really great time with you tonight, Ashely. I’d like to see you again. x 🙂

This is a bold move other guys don’t do.

They don’t confidently declare they want her and they don’t put it right out there that they want another date.

You’ll find out if she feels the same and if she was on the fence about you it may sway her your way.

From there, she’ll rethink why she might actually be attracted to you after all.

Let her come to you.

And in the meantime, have a life so that when she does, you’re not overly anxious to nail down the first day she’s available.

Here’s a powerful phrase that make women want more… ready?


I want to see you but that day won’t work for me. How about Thursday?

What’s the Wingmam Motto?

Right! Always leave them wanting more.

And if she isn’t interested and was simply overly polite during the date, she might feel more at ease letting you down via text.

That’s ok. Next!

Never be rude, you’re a gentleman of value.

If you question your value, you need my WakeUP2Luv program. PayPal now accepted!

xo Anna

Oh look, a playlist on texting and online communication! Rock your first date and the follow up strategy.

You’re welcome. Flutter 😉

How to Create Your Own Software For Your Niche

First I’ll tell you what kind of apps I have created with this new software creator so you can understand the types of applications you can create. My first app was just a simple Birdwatching Journal. It includes fields for Time and Date, Notes, about 8 photos can be added to each record, notes for each photo, and a few more fields for Type of bird, common name, location, etc., etc. My next software was a Travel Journal, then a dating journal, a travel agents log and trip pricer and organizer. You can see that the possibilities are endless, as long as people need to manage information, I can create it with this new software creator.

When creating my own software with this new software creator, I first must know what I want to be included in it. So to start off, I get a pen and pad and start writing down the fields I want to include. Sorta like a mind-map. I know I need to create different software objects, and in turn they will be added to my different software projects.

So my software object is where I begin, in it will be what we call editors, the editors are the fields you will include in your object. I name my object first, and edit the settings like the Navigation Text, and the caption, and the type of object. Since this is a new object, I will use the custom object so I can customize it the way I like. The other types of objects can fill a whole book, so we won’t go into them here. Next I click on the editors tab, and click new editor, then I get my pad and start adding the editors I wrote down to my software object 1 at a time, being careful to give them all unique names to avoid any errors or conflicts, and choosing the type of editor it is, ‘text’ ‘memo’ ‘currency’ ‘numeric’, ‘check-box’, radio box, drop-down box, and the list goes on. You can even add hyperlinks with your affiliate links in them right inside the software. I just add an editor then click save and new and add the next one, going down my whole list until I have added all my fields.

And with that, my software object is done. Now it’s time to create a Software project to add my object to. Software Projects can contain as many software objects as needed, and the database created with these projects can hold up to 4TB of data. Software objects are also reusable in other projects, so you have unlimited design capabilities.

So now we move onto the Software project section of the builder, give our software project a name, and description for our own use. Check off whether or not to let it be brand-able (yes you can create software that other companies can re-brand with their own logos splash screens etc.). Then we give our software a title, version, pick a skin to use, give it a category, and help file path. Choose the icon we want to use, and choose our splash screen.

On the installation tab, we enter our company info, website, help URL, update URL, installation password if needed, compression mode (this is where we decide how the installation files will be packaged, from compressed web exe to uncompressed directory layout), and whether or not to create a desktop  or quick launch icon or both upon installation.

On the next tab we can decide if we want to allow trial usage, how many trials, and we can add a Trial Activation Serial if we want, and we can add some HTML to the box there that we can use to add an opt in box to the splash screen of the trial splash. Very useful for building a list of subscribers in your chosen niche.

Now we go to the bottom section and add our software object by clicking the + sign and selecting the software object we created earlier. Click save, and now at the top of this new software creator, we go to the miscellaneous tab and click Run.

Our software will now execute, so we can perform the final layout.

We start by selecting our software object in the Navigation menu on the side, and click new. This brings up our software object for customization. We right click in between objects and select ‘Customize Layout’ , this mode allows us to Drag and Drop our fields or editors anywhere we want them to be situated. We can group a few together, group them all together, add blank space, separators, add tabs, add tabs to tabs, the sky is the limit here when it come to the visual design of our software.

Once we have it all laid out the way we like it, we hit the close button, and when it asks to save we say no, unless we are adding pre-filled data to our app, then we save it.

Once you are done either adding data or not, its time to create our executable, and its as easy as hitting ‘create set-up’ button next to the ‘run’ button we used earlier, and naming our file. this new software creator then builds your executable files for you to distribute to your clients.

I hope this helps you see how easy it is to create your own software with this new software creator. The software you create can be sold or given away for free or with trial uses. You can also export layouts and give them to others to re-brand as their own. The uses are endless.

Sex: When Should a Couple Take the Next Step?

In today’s instant-everything world, knowing how to navigate the road of love most often seems to lack substance, commitment, and time. With help from the Free Love Movement of the Sixties, tradition has given way to one-night stands, cell-phone apps like Grinder and Hook-up, and women finally have complete control over sex through birth control. In fact, women have more power than ever! In many ways this is a GREAT thing, but often times this new sense of power makes it too easy to skip all the traditional dating nuances and get right to the business of sex. At first this may seem easy and hassle-free, but when it comes to building an intimate, long-term relationship, can having sex too soon be destructive instead of constructive? How long should a couple wait before taking that next step? In this new and equal playground for men and women, it is essential to create a bond and a level of trust before deciding to have sex. We humans possess a deep sea of emotions and feelings. Adding sex into the equation too soon can really add unnecessary turmoil to something that is already so complex.

As a traditional Matchmaker and relationship advisor, I strongly believe there are many different scenarios we play out in our heads when it comes to how we perceive a given situation, and not all of them maybe be accurate. There is an old adage which says that “women play with sex to get love, men play with love to get sex”. While it is true, there is so much more to it than that, as there are many subconscious factors that can play into these roles. What are the parties involved looking for? Is it that both want control? Both want security? Both want acceptance? If we take the time to explore some of the thoughts and emotions men and women experience in their relationships, it gets a little easier to understand why there is so much uncertainty. I can recall hearing from male clients that when sex came into play, they too had an emotional connection with their new partner, only to find that person had then moved on after having sex. Their reason for taking that step too soon? “She seemed ready to go so I let things happen.” Alternately, I have heard female clients say, “but there was such an immediate connection, it seemed natural to connect even more with sex.” Here both parties are getting caught up in the passion and lust of their newfound romance. They forget to stop, breathe, and think clearly about what they both ultimately want from the situation.

To mitigate the emotional damages from this unconscious want, both parties must be and remain in the conscious present. Take the time to get to know one another and set a strong foundation on which to build your love and friendship; establish trust and a solid communication base first. Without it, the days and weeks following the initial sexual encounter can be very confusing and intimidating. The only way to find out if the connection is there is by putting in the time and communication as outlined above. There used to be a term for that, what was it again? Oh yes, I think it used to be called courtship! You know, that long-forgotten concept of approaching a potential mate with respect and aspiration that goes beyond just “hooking up”. The problem is in today’s world it seems that courtship has gotten steamrolled and congested by many different new standards. Standards that seek to expedite everything and lump every relationship into one standard rulebook. Unraveling what was proper dating protocol and what it has become now is key. Do this and if your mate has any potential, you will see the significant signs of a committed relationship developing. When you have dating confidence, aka love and respect for yourself, you will know when the time is right to have sex. You can then add this as a beautiful building block to your new, intimate, loving relationship.

So let’s go back to what is tried and true, the way it naturally happened back in the good days: boy meets girl, they get to know each other, girl “waits it out” to make sure the boy is worth it, and from there great things happen for both of them. When a man understands the value of a woman and pursues her with the respect she deserves, the woman reciprocates with the same respect and kind gestures of admiration. So much love and passion can come from this.

How to Search For People on eHarmony

The internet has indeed opened up different ways by which people can meet others and interact. One concept that has been around for quite a while now is that of internet dating. Read about how you can meet people through eHarmony from the following article.

One of the questions that are addressed in the paragraphs below is how to search for people on eHarmony. This dating site works quite differently from any that you might be used to. You do not submit a list of qualities for the kind of person you are looking for. Rather you fill in a relationship questionnaire form.

Based on the information that you fill in on the form they will then find not suitable matches but compatible matches for you. So if you were wondering how to search for people on eHarmony, you see that there is no searching that you do. It is a scientific approach that does not link people with similar interests or hobbies but are compatible with each other.

You will then get to review the selected matches that you are compatible with. Have the option of choosing a suitable plan when you are ready to communicate, find out a little about your matches and then start dating. That is just a brief summary of how to search for people on eHarmony. As I have pointed out though there is no search option, rather you matched with a few people and then you can get to pick from those shortlisted people who you want to follow up

Mother Enmeshed Men: Why Do Some Men Only Have Casual Sex?

For some men, casual sex is something that they will engage in from time to time, while there are others who only have casual sex. When it comes to the former, this could be something that takes place after a man has just been in a relationship.


Going with another woman, more or less straight after they have broken up with their girlfriend, can then be a way of them to feel better. They are then unlikely to see this woman as a potential mate.

A Short-Term Option

As soon as he starts to feel better about himself, he may find that he is no longer interested in this woman. This is not to say that he will be leading the woman on, though, as he might have made it clear from the outset that he is not looking for anything serious.

What he has said to the woman, along with how he behaves, will then make it clear what his intentions are. The woman will then be fully on board with what is taking place, or she will be going against her true needs.

Another Outcome

There is, or course, even the chance that it will end up turning into more, even though this was not the intention to begin with. This could be seen as a sign that the man’s emotions are out control, which is why he is going against his true needs.

Another way of looking at it would be to say that as this is a man who is used to being in a relationship; it is not a surprise that he would want more. Simply having sex with a woman is not going to be enough for him.

An Empty Experience

For a short while, then, having casual sex might be what feels comfortable, but, as time passes, this will start to change. So, in the same way that he might not want to eat fast food all the time, he won’t want ‘fast sex’ all the time either.

Their sexual needs might be met by having casual sex, but the rest of their needs will end up being overlooked. This man may have had a fair amount of casual sex during his early years, or it might not have really interested him then either.

A Very Different Experience

For other man, casual sex can be the only thing that they are interested in. It is then not going to matter what a woman is like as a person, as they won’t have the need to experience anything else.

When a man can relate to this, he may find that he hasn’t ever had a relationship with a woman. Or if he has, this may have been a relationship that was anything but fulfilling, taking away any desire to have another one.

One Need

This man could wonder why other men have relationships, believing that they are not worth the effort. He may even go farther than this and say that women are only good for one thing.

Due to the fact that he only wants sex, it could show that he is not even aware of his emotional needs. If he is out of touch with the rest of his needs, there will be no reason for him to see that he is overlooking certain needs.

All in It Together

When it comes to the men who he spends time with, there is the chance that most of his friends are the same. Each person will then support what the other person is doing, giving them no reason to change their behaviour.

Also, casual sex is a normal part of the modern day world, so there will be no need for them to believe that they are doing anything that is out of the ordinary. There are, for example, numerous dating apps that people can use to hook up with another person.

A Closer Look

It could be said that there are a number of reasons as to why a man would only wants to have sex and has no interest in anything else. And one of the reasons why this can take place is due to what his relationship was like with his mother at the beginning of his life.

This may have been a time in his life when his mother was unable to respect his boundaries and used him to meet her own needs. A role reversal would then have taken place, with him becoming the parent and his mother becoming the child.

A Surrogate Spouse

His father may have been either physically or emotionally unavailable, causing his mother to look to him to fulfil her emotional needs. It wouldn’t have been possible for his mother to realise that he was not an extension of her.

This would have stopped him from getting the attunement that he needed to develop boundaries and a strong sense of self. His mothers attention will have most likely caused him to feel smothered, powerless, trapped and to experience shame.

A Defence

How he felt at this stage of his life won’t have disappeared as the years passed; it will have stayed within him. Thus, if he was to share more than his body with a woman, and actually become emotionally attached to her, it would retrigger all these feelings.

Naturally, this would cause him to feel overwhelmed, taking away his interest in sex altogether. It then won’t matter that the woman is not his mother as part of him will perceive her in this way.


Their priority is going to be to stop these feeling from reappearing, setting them up to deny their need to actually connect to a woman. Thanks to how they live their live, they may rarely come into contact with how they felt as a child.

If a man can relate to this, and he wants to change his life, he may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

5 Important Tips to Impress a Quiet Philippine Girl

Philippine girls are known to be quiet, demure, and conservative. Most of the time, they will just reward you with their alluring smiles without words. You might ask yourself, “How will I impress such a woman?” They are not very vocal about what they want yet you are sure that they are expecting something from you, be it a gift, a gesture, or some positive words or praise maybe. You might need some tips on how to impress a quiet Philippine girl. Here are 5 tips that you should consider.

  • Tip #1 – When it comes to material things, Philippine women are not hard to impress. Of course, just like any other females all over the world, they are also impressed with cool cars, nice house, and other expensive things. However, you can impress a Philippine woman by giving her simple gifts such as flowers, chocolates, or other foods especially if you also bring something for their family especially their mothers.
  • Tip #2 – Impress them by going to their house and taking time and exerting an effort to meet her family and have a small chat with them. Going to a Filipina’s house does not necessarily mean you are going to marry her or that you have to be seriously committed with her. It is just a matter of showing respect for her parents. You can do this even if you are just on the getting-to-know-each-other stage. It is also a plus point if you were able to impress and build rapport with her family.
  • Tip #3 – Always act like a gentleman. Do not be rude and act like an arrogant jerk. Even western females who are not as sensitive compared to Filipinas will ditch you before you can finish saying “I’m a jerk”. Be sweet and gentle and mild-mannered. Filipinas like men who treat them like princesses.
  • Tip #4 – These women are also impressed with intelligence, educational background, and success in careers. You can drop a hint or you can casually say that you studied in one of the top universities in your country or that you took up rocket science when you were still in college. Just keep it to a minimum. Do not brag about them. There is only a very thin line between simply talking about your achievements and bragging about them. Just make sure that you do the first one. Of course, if do not have any achievements or successes, do not make up any stories and lie about yourself. Just conveniently forget to mention those little details.
  • Tip #5 – Learn about the Filipino culture and try to learn how to speak romantic Filipino phrases. Learn the Filipino translations for “you’re beautiful” or “I love your smile”. She will be surprised and glad that you know how to speak her language and it will make her think that you are really serious about her. It is also good to greet her parents using Filipino greetings. This will really give you their approval and will give you the green light in dating their daughter.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Come On Strong And Then Go Silent?

After one has met someone for the first time, they may find that they continue to show a lot of interest in them. And there is also the chance that they behaved in this way before they even met them.

Another Option

If this was the case, it is likely to show that they met them on an online dating site or an app. Therefore, even though they won’t have met each other at this stage, it would still have been possible for the other person to give them attention.

This could mean that they sent them a lot of messages and there may have been moments when they spoke to them over the phone. The other person may have asked them how they were doing each day and what they had been up to, for instance.

More of the Same

So, if this person does continue to behave in the same way, one could come to believe that they are attracted to them. Still, as time goes by, the amount of interest that they show could change.

Yet, if they have gradually transitioned from seeing each other to having a relationship, this is to be expected. This is unlikely to be something that will only apply one of them though, as both of them are likely to have changed.

Settled Down

At this stage, there will be no reason for either of them to impress the other person, and they will know far more about each other than they did in the beginning. The other person’s attention may have been consumed by this area of their life, and now it can be directed to other areas of their life.

However, this is not going to be the same as it would be if someone was to come on strong and ended up going silent. This would be going from one extreme to another, and it could show that something isn’t right.

Easy To Handle

When another person comes on strong and this gradually changes, it is not going to have much of an effect. After all, if the other person didn’t change their behaviour as time went by, it would cause them to neglect the rest of their life.

And, if one expected to receive the same amount of attention throughout their relationship, they would soon end up disappointed. The other person would probably see them as someone who is needy, and this could end up pushing them away.

A Strong Need

What this could show is that one finds it hard to feel good about themselves, and this is then why they need so much attention. Therefore, when this is not forthcoming, it is going to be a challenge for them to function.

Through being this way, it is likely to be difficult for them to have a long-tem relationship. At the same time, this could cause them to look to other people for attention, meaning that they could have the tendency to cheat.

An insatiable Need

If one needs a lot of attention and they are physically attractive, it might be easier for them to find someone to shower them with attention. But this is likely to change when they start to lose their looks.

During their early years, they might not have received the kind of care that they need in order to develop. The wounded child within them is then going to be what is driving their behaviour.

Another Experience

On the other hand, one could come into contact with someone who acts extremely interested in them and, as time passes, they could end up going cold. This could be something that will happen after they have had sex for the first time.

One could send the other person a message or call them, but it will be as if they have left the planet. It is then going to be normal for one to wonder what has happened to them, and they might start to believe that they have done something wrong.

A Closer Look

Clearly, there are number of reasons as to why someone would behave in this way – it is not something that is black and white. Nevertheless, there is the chance that something has been triggered within this person.

At first, the fear of abandonment may have caused them to come on strong and, after they were able to go to the next level, this may have caused them to feel smothered. This person would have been overwhelmed by the feelings in their body and this would have stopped them from being able to behave in a conscious manner.

Give It Time

When the feeling of being smothered starts to settle down and the fear of being abandoned starts to appear up, they could end up getting back in touch. It might only be a matter of time before the same scenario plays out all over again.

The sooner one puts an end to this, the better their life will be. If they do don’t anything about this, it is going to take a lot out of them, and it will stop them from being able to meet someone who is available.


So if the other person is not ready to face the pain that is within them and to heal it, it will be in one’s best interest to walk away. And, if they are used to attracting people who behave in this way, it might be a good idea for them to see what is taking place within them.

What they may find is that they also have a fear of being smothered, which is why they attract people who are unavailable. The assistance of a therapist or a healer may be needed here.

4 Benefits of Being a Sugar Daddy

The term sugar daddy refers to a rich old man who provides financial support for a younger companion who is usually a female. In exchange, he gets companionship or other services. Often, being rich is enough to attract many girls or women who want a relationship. Given below are a couple of benefits of being a sugar daddy.

1. You Get What You Want

You don’t need to play any games, and you don’t need to wait. If you assume this role then you can get you want. Using an app, you can look for an exact match. Since there are at least 10 women for 1 man, you have the freedom to make a choice.

If you have had a dream of befriending a young girl, now is the time to turn that dream into reality. If you are a successful sugar daddy, you deserve to make this decision.

2. You have No-strings Relationship

A great characteristic of a sugar daddy is the freedom of terminating the relationship whenever you want to. There is no need to maintain the relationship for the long term. Both the parties know that the relationship depends upon mutual convenience.

You will keep remunerating her for as long as she keeps you happy. You don’t have to meet the responsibilities of being committed to the relationship. This is the reason that these are attractive for women who are looking for a way to have a relationship and earn goodies at the same time.

3. It Saves Time

Typically, sugar daddies are successful men in their respective fields. Therefore, if you run a company or take care of a business empire, you may not have the time to nurture and develop a relationship with a younger woman. If you are a sugar daddy, your partner already understands the expectations of the relationship. Therefore, you don’t need to kill your precious time beating about the bush.

As a sugar daddy, you can flaunt your companions. Aside from this, it feels great to have a relationship with a beautiful, young lady. Other men will enjoy the treasure you have. This is the feeling that you can have if you become a sugar daddy.

5. You Feel Younger Again

If you assume the role of this, you can feel younger once again. As a matter of fact, this role is your fountain of youth. Your partner is adventurous, energetic and quite willing to new enjoy new experience. Aside from this, the best part of this is that she can spend a good deal of time with you.

Since you have dedicated your time to collect the wealth you have, you can now sit back and enjoy your freedom. This is what many people can only dream of.

In short, these are some of the prominent benefits of being a sugar daddy. If you want to get the most of this phenomenon, we suggest that you check out an online dating platform. This will make things easier for you.