Signs She’s NOT Into You (And When She Might Be!)

20 Signs She’s Not Into You … Unless!

Reality land can feel crappy but at least you might avoid embarrassment by knowing the signs she’s not into you.

You know how it is when you like her and she seems to enjoy your company but you’re not sure if she likes you as a friend or more.

Well, there are signs she likes you and then there are signs she’s just not that into you and if you look for both, you’ll have a good idea if you should go for her.

There is, however, one time when she likely won’t show any of signs at all, whether she really likes you or not.

She Might Be Interested but Won’t Show Signs IF…

Here’s a true story…

A woman I know once approached a man she didn’t know on a social media site (who had mutual friends) who she thought was attractive. (See, it does happen!)

She didn’t want to be too bold, even though that is kind of her style, so she asked him out for coffee.

I like to call this “dropping the handkerchief” which is what fine ladies used to “accidentally” do in the olden, golden days to get a man’s attention.

He would swoop in and rescue the ‘kerchief opening the door to a conversation.

This was a subtle way of giving the man a green light to approach.

So, anyway, back to the true short story…

The handsome fellow in our real life story didn’t reply to the woman’s message and nothing came of it.

Years later they met in person.

He showed no romantic interest in her (see, it does happen!) and even though she thought him attractive, she showed interest in him in exactly the way I mention in the video!

(A real cliffhanger, I know!)

Fiiiine… since I don’t share this story in the video, I’ll at least let you in on the ending…

Nothing happened. #friendzone

By the way, I’m of the abundant mindset that having friends is a good thing, even if romance isn’t part of God’s plan.

Some people don’t have any friends and there are a lot of benefits of the friend zone.

Now What if She’s a Millennial?

Does the game change then? And if yes, how??

Millennials are a whole new breed of, well, breeders, and they kind of break the dating game status quo.

So, are there signs she’s not digging you romantically/sexually if she’s a Millennial?

Yes, indeed!

And they’re the same signs as for non-Millennials, but with one big difference.

Watch the video to spot the signs she’s not into you and if you think you’re in the friend zone, watch the playlist below as well.

And don’t worry, if she’s not into you, there are things you can do to up your game or, even better, find a better match!

You got this.

xo AJ

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