What Makes You a Real Man to Her? Parts 1-3!

What Makes You a Real Man to Her (Features All Women Love)

What makes you a real man to her? Well, there’s only so much you can do with what God gave you, but there are some features all women love that any man can develop. (3rd video added below!)

And the best part is… the features all women love aren’t physical attributes!

Sure, most women appreciate a man who’s fit and healthy or even nice looking, but if you want to win her heart—and other bits, wink wink—for the duration, you must to appeal to her innate need for what makes a real man.

What Makes You a Real Man

You’ll not be surprised by the first of the features all women love because you hear it over and over again.


This is not to be confused with aggression or arrogance, which are both turnoffs!

True confidence comes with knowing your self-worth as a person but, more specifically confidence as one of the features all women love, is your confidence as a man.

Your certainty in the world with women!

You don’t need to brag or try to impress women and that humbleness translates into confidence.

You’ll see how this plays out as we go through the other qualities of what makes you a real man to her.


You don’t need to be bossy or take over when it’s not your place but you have no problem stepping up and leading.

Women love a man who leads with confidence—ooh la la!

And what makes you a man to her in the area of leadership is when you lead the relationship.

Generally, this comes from being confident in where you stand in the relationship and assuming you’re the best choice for her.

It also comes in trusting yourself to make decisions and then following through on those decisions.

Which brings us to…


Bravery comes from courage.

Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but the presence of fear and the strength to move through it.

Women love heroes!

You can be her hero by making those tough decisions and doing things she thinks are scary.

Whether you’re quitting a lousy job to pursue your career passion or speaking up to your boss about getting that raise you deserve, what makes you a real man to her is your ability to face your fears.

Sure, if it’s something big that could affect both of you—like moving across the country—you may need her support and encouragement, but she’s got to see you making theses choices mostly on your own or she’ll feel like your mommy.

Mommy mode = non arousal mode.

Courage is sexy, but for it to be one of the features all women love, it has to come with self-motivation.

Along the lines of bravery is…

Say “No” (to Her!)

A man who can say “no” to a woman is a man who values himself. Self-respect is sexy AF.

In fact, self-respect is a mandatory pre-requisite to sexual attraction.

A woman can’t be aroused by a man she doesn’t respect. Full stop.

Which means you’re going to need some of this next trait for what makes a real man to her.


Resolve is when you’ve decided something and nothing and no one can get you off track of following through on it.

Worded in another way, it’s the internal strength that allows you to make that tough decision and take actionable steps to accomplish its end.

Like finding another job in that new city before you’ve left your current city and booking the moving truck.

Without encouragement. And without prodding. No hesitation.

It’s you saying, “I got this.” and meaning it for yourself.

Okay, now what about what women don’t love?

It should be no surprise based on the aforementioned features all women love that no women love…Mr. Too Nice Guy!

More details on this in the video.

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Speaking of acting like a child… children look to their parents and superiors for validation.

Children don’t know who they are in the world and desperately need authority figures to show them that they’re acceptable human beings.

A real man self-validates.

It means you know who you are and what you stand for and don’t need anyone else’s approval, including your woman’s!

Again, this doesn’t mean you’re inconsiderate. Au contraire!

You simply won’t wither and decay if she dislikes something you’ve said or done—or even if she leaves you. #herloss

Purpose / Passion

One of the ways you can self-validate is by having a greater purpose or passion in life.

Something that drives you to get out of bed every day even when some days are crap.

It cannot be her!

If you put her on a pedestal, she will look down on you.

However, it could be family, which includes her.

Or a career or a mission to save the world or simply working to pay off bills or toward retirement.

And this brings us to…


What makes you a real man to her in the area of independence isn’t about being aloof and distant.

Instead, it’s about not needing her.

You want her, you desire her, you can even adore her! But you do not need her.

Children need their mother.

A real man only needs himself—but is confident and open to share himself with a deserving woman.

When she knows deep down you don’t need her she knows you’re with her because she deserves you—increasing both your value—not because you need her which decreases both your value.

Read that last line again.


Similar to self-validating is the trait of being self-secure.

What I mean by secure in oneself is most easily expressed in the attitude of admiration for those who are better than you in any area as opposed to threatened by them.

So, you’re not jealous—you’re motivated to improve your own situation.

But because you feel inspired, not because you feel lack in any way.

When you can easily and publicly give kudos to the admirable qualities of your competition, you have a high sense of self-security.

Whether you’re looking at career, health/fitness, finance, you trust yourself to do your best and your best on any day is good enough.

This trait often takes time, outward actions and achievements to fully realize.

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Is Her Rock

When a man embodies all of the above qualities, a woman can feel fully safe with him and he becomes the rock in her world.

There is no better feeling for a deserving woman or man!

He sees and appreciates her for who she really is, flaws and all and is solid in his own self-worth.

Again, when she knows you haven’t made up unrealistic fantasies about her being perfect, she can trust you really desire her.

You are each others’ biggest fans and encouragers, don’t feel threatened by each other and don’t allow outside forces to negatively influence your bond.

Reminder, we all want the real us to be not only good enough but cherished.

When you know your self worth you express that in automatic and, thus, subtle ways, which enables her to respect you and trust your lead.

Trust and respect are the precursors to amazing love making and a relationship that will stand the test of time.

These are the features all women love and what what makes you a real man to her.If you’ve struggled to understand women, check out my Understand Women playlist and get my WakeUP2Luv program.

xo AJ


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